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  • How

    At Betel Research we work with companies in every industry and adapt our methodology according to the challenges our clients face. On each project our end goal is to have a long standing impact.

  • What

    We provide 3 key services

    1. Customised Research
    2. Research
    3. Strategic Leadership Forums

  • When

    Before we start a project we are committed to listening and understanding the needs of our clients. The timescale of each project is catered to each client.

  • Where

    We come in and partner directly with our clients.

    We build long and meaningful relationships and we take a very hands-on approach to each project. By working across all levels of the clients organisation, we are able to take a deep vertical perspective of how a company works.

  • Why

    At Betel Research, we have a passion for helping organisations through their most toughest challenges. We help to find solutions that will positively impact each company. Our clients need new insights and therefore it is important that we keep up-to-date with our clients' industry, by making sure we bring the best thinking caps to our clients.

  • Who

    Who we help:

    Chief Data Officer
    Chief Financial Officer
    Chief Information Officer
    Chief Legal Officer
    Chief Operating Officer
    General Counsels
    Head of Risk
    HR Directors
    Marketing Directors

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